Foto 11 Sept. Off the hook

Off the hook

Video 10 Sept.
Foto 7 Sept. Eyes for you.

Eyes for you.

Foto 7 Sept. hier: Heidleberg Castle

hier: Heidleberg Castle

Foto 30 Aug. New toys!  (hier: RoninZ Kampfkunstschule)

New toys! (hier: RoninZ Kampfkunstschule)

Foto 28 Aug. Kletafie = Kletterpark Tannenbühl &Selfie (hier: Kletterpark Tannenbühl)

Kletafie = Kletterpark Tannenb├╝hl &Selfie (hier: Kletterpark Tannenb├╝hl)

Video 23 Aug.

Sensory: BBC Wildlife Director John Downer & the technology of ‘spy-cam’ filmmaking from Getty Images on Vimeo.

Small Cameras, Big Stories

Exciting developments in camera technology have levelled out of the playing field between the professional and the amateur and so the battle now for programme makers like award-winning wildlife filmmaker John Downer is having to produce something better than the average person.

The difference comes from investing into understanding the behaviour of the animal and devising a way to capture those unique moments, using a huge amount of research, inventiveness and dedication. This has resulted in exceptional and unique technical solutions that tell a story in an new and compelling way.

Discover more about Sensory visual content at :

See more BBC Motion Gallery footage at:

Foto 22 Aug. Brofie = Brot + Selfie

Brofie = Brot + Selfie

Video 18 Aug.
Foto 16 Aug. Dino stampede

Dino stampede

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